Bay Area Maker Faire in May

Davis Makerspace at MakerFaire

Some of Davis Makerspace came to San Mateo to see and participate in a weekend-long regional event called Maker Faire. This Northern California flavored event is a time when creative builders, inventors, and artists can showcase their projects. Below is a car with interactive sea animals attached that respond to a driver moving a steering wheel or a switching on a blinker.

Alternative building materials such as cardboard blocks provide a playhouse for kids.

Passers-by use electronic parts such as circuit boards as stamps to make paintings and prints.

One drone resembles a helicopter with miniature helicopter blades on each spider-like leg.

Even aquatic robots have their moment in the sun.

This glowing dress is a dramatic example of many led lights integrated into clothing that weekend.

A colorful light forest of inflatable spines drew a crowd.

A climbing wall that lights up suggested routes encourages climbers.

Check out this video game controller controlling a Moon-lander vehicle.

Here, a tablet becomes a stop-motion-animation station.

This gentleman had a 3D printer backpack on.
Davis Makerspace at Maker Fair

Here is a table-full of intently focused people working on picking locks.

A pallet is repurposed as a unit that holds potted plants vertically.
Davis Makerspace at Maker Fair

Fascinating gourmet mushroom growing kits populated a building with a food and ecology theme.
Davis Makerspace at Maker Fair