2021-07-05 DMS General Meeting

  • Meeting start @ 7:00
  • No previous minutes sent.

Roll Call

Emily S.

Items added to Agenda

  • Larry’s presentation on Climate Change concerned civic center
  • Status update on discussion with Davis Public Library
  • Next meeting location
  • Officer reports

Officer Reports

  • Presendent: Nothing new (since pandemic)
  • Treasury: Update on contents of bank account. A few hundred dollars. Gnu cash needs to be checked.

Old Business

  • Logan has donated 3D printers to Davis Makerspace and Rob has stored them
  • Emily has a Davis Makerspace equipment in garage.

New Business

  • Larry is working on a proposal to the City of Davis to create a Climate Change functional civic center for local climate friendly groups. Would Davis Makerspace be interesting in being a part of this proposal?
  • The software that our Davis Makerspace Wiki runs on is deprecated. Time to look for an alternative.
  • Davis Public Library has opened back up. Emily will make contact with the library to see what the status of the space is.

Meeting adjourned at 8:03pm