This past Friday, September 13, Davis Makerspace presented “Strange New Attractor”, an exhibition featuring displays from the newly formed community of builders, hackers and artists.

During this Friday’s ArtAbout, the Makerspace exhibited a collection of work that has been crafted, bended, and programmed by local artists. Featured pieces included an LED lighting fixture by Alia Tsang, a work that uses Arduino to bathe the space in temperature responsive mood lighting. Jeff Tolentino showed a collection of hand-built and decorated Okedo style drums. Artist Emily Schleiner presented an installation entitled “Walking”, a sculpture that causes words on the topic of time-travel to climb around walls. Biology influenced artist Anna Davidson displayed canvases that use a palette of fungus as visuals, and Tim Kerbavaz created a photo booth that captured dimensional animated images of visitors to the space.

The photo booth captured images as “jitter 3D” animated GIF pictures, which were emailed out to the subjects of the photograph.

Here are some of our favorites of those images.

Davis Makerspace Photobooth

Davis Makerspace Photobooth

Davis Makerspace Art About

Davis Makerspace Art About

Some of Davis Makerspace came to San Mateo to see and participate in a weekend-long regional event called Maker Faire. This Northern California flavored event is a time when creative builders, inventors, and artists can showcase their projects. Below is a car with interactive sea animals attached that respond to a driver moving a steering wheel or a switching on a blinker.

Alternative building materials such as cardboard blocks provide a playhouse for kids.

Passers-by use electronic parts such as circuit boards as stamps to make paintings and prints.

One drone resembles a helicopter with miniature helicopter blades on each spider-like leg.

Even aquatic robots have their moment in the sun.

This glowing dress is a dramatic example of many led lights integrated into clothing that weekend.

A colorful light forest of inflatable spines drew a crowd.

A climbing wall that lights up suggested routes encourages climbers.

Check out this video game controller controlling a Moon-lander vehicle.

Here, a tablet becomes a stop-motion-animation station.

This gentleman had a 3D printer backpack on.
Davis Makerspace at Maker Fair

Here is a table-full of intently focused people working on picking locks.

A pallet is repurposed as a unit that holds potted plants vertically.
Davis Makerspace at Maker Fair

Fascinating gourmet mushroom growing kits populated a building with a food and ecology theme.
Davis Makerspace at Maker Fair