2022-01-03 Davis Makerspace General Meeting

Contents of Meeting

Board Members attending

Bill H
Emily S
Julie M

General public in attendance:

Bill K
Edward B
James H


  • Review communication w/ Crista and library.
    • Measurements for 3D printers.
    • In future will collect more info about event attendance, e.g. repair cafe.
    • Otherwise, things slow for the holidays.
    • Emily to reach out again to Crista to see what is next.
  • When might open up for in person?
    • Unsure at the moment, given COVID and all.
  • Jax: What about the air monitoring class?
    • Bill H: Has parts lists; perhaps end of February.
    • Roland: is that to be in person?
    • Bill H: Assuming yes; hadn’t thought about a Zoom version.
    • Interest among at least 4 people in this meeting for the class.
    • Air sensor for PM2.5 w/ Arduino.
    • Bill H will send out a purchase list via a wiki or website page.
    • Bill K also has a build he has done, which he will share via Google Doc.
  • Jax: Another repair cafe coming up?
    • Bill H: February/March perhaps?
    • Emily S: Hoping for better weather / less cold / less Omicron. Plan ahead so that we are ready to go once we have a window.
    • Edward B: Gas heaters for outdoor activities?
    • Emily S: Maybe so; library might even have some. Something to ask about.
    • Edward B: Shared some pics of snow pack in Tahoe.
  • Bill H: Any other lower-priced laser cutter models come up?
    • Emily S: Haven’t found any; part of the issue is only the higher-priced ones seem to be customizable by the manufacturer.
    • Jax: Anyone reached out to Brittney about this?
    • Not recently.
    • Emily S will post link to document about laser cutter.
  • Jax: Any admin work for state non-profit status?
    • James H: Will look into it.
  • Jax: Any finances change?
    • Roland: Nope; no expenses.
  • Julie M: While asking about repair cafe, also ask about air quality monitor workshop?
    • Emily S / Bill H: Yup.
  • Bill will revisit the air quality monitor description.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm