2021-10-04 DMS General Meeting

  • Meeting start @ 7:00
  • No previous minutes sent.

Roll Call

Jeff L.
Emily S.

Items added to Agenda

  • Bill’s Air Filtration/Measuring workshop
  • Communication with Davis Public Library re: tools that can be circulated
  • Elections are coming up in December

Officer Reports

  • President: Nothing new
  • Treasury: No update.

Old Business

  • Emily has Davis Makerspace equipment in garage to sort.
  • Follow up with Larry on proposal to City of Davis.
  • The software that our Davis Makerspace Wiki runs on is deprecated. Time to look for an alternative.

New Business

  • As a part of Bill’s Air filtration Workshop, Davis Makerspace members will meet at the Woodland Makerspace Square One, on Thur Oct 7th or Thur Oct 14th at 6pm for Basic Use and Safety (BUS) class and to plan the workshop.
    Note: sign up for a library card at the Woodland Public Library before attending the BUS class.
  • Bill will put together a parts list for the Air Filtration/Measuring workshop.
  • Julie will contact the Davis Public Library to coordinate adding DMS tools to circulation, and for suggested times for a Repair Cafe at the Davis Public Library.
  • On Saturday the 16th at noon, we will continue inventorying tools in Emily’s garage, aiming to get tools into circulation at the library.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm