Called to order: 7:08
attending –

  • James H,
  • Emily S,
  • Alan G,
  • Julie M,
  • Sarah,
  • Braden P,
  • Roland,
  • Bill H,
  • Jax S,
  • Crista C,
  • Katrina L,
  • Mark R.

1) Introductions

2) Potential Space

– Crista thanked us for the details we provided for use of the space, she says 90 days for the process to complete for renovation of the room. $10k to renovate the room, taking out wall, cutting in wall, flooring, after that would come equipment. Safety compliance is first priority.

3) Grant

– grant opportunity for youth programming – $10k – potentially stuff for the library and travelling kits – robotics kits for “kids” – broader focus – due at EOM.
– DMS could letter of support for grant application – library is writing the grant – supplementing our offering, library would help with the youth resource programming.
– kits for family orientation.

– Asking about Woodland’s Liability Waiver – to compare and see what is needed.

4) Future Activities

– discuss need for repair cafe soonish while construction is going on to build momentum, and get people interested.

– Library considering all ages 3rd tuesday crafty space, will help staff.

5) Fundraising and Budget

– ES asks about consumables, CC asks for a budget range of the air filters, PLA and other things. Estimate on current 3d printing load. Fundraising in Blanchard Room ?

6) Remodeling Specific Questions and Discussion

– Ventiation – RN asks they keep it in mind that DMS can help supply parts. Library suggests another future phase for laser cutter and ventilation
– CC says they will ask their YOLO GSA for vent options
– BP – asks to consider a wall versus a door into the teen space area, for more storage. Discussion ensues, a garage type door between teen space and new maker room, is a single door a safety issue? door discussion.
– Door to the outside brought up – discussion is positive on a door outside. CC says it could be phased
– BP brings up doing stuff outside out of the rear of the room.
– BP brings up getting rid of wrap around desk. they seem to agree

7) Operations and Fundraising revisited

– CC says things could be lendable – front of new space could be storage for tool lending
– How much storage? All the storage?

– Discussion on fundraising by DMS within the library.

Adjourned 8:35pm