2021-12-06 DMS General Meeting

Contents of Meeting

Board Members attending

Emily S

Board members absent w/ notification


Board members absent w/o notification:



Bill H
Edward B
Jeff L
Julie M
Peter G


  • Emily wrote back to Crista about furniture and info about a couple laser cutters.
  • Crista had some questions about cabinets with closing doors that might fit 3D printers.
  • Emily will ask Rob (who currently is housing the 3D printers) on the measurements.
  • Waiting on Jax to continue; need him for quorum.
  • Received e-mail absence notification from James, so probably technically have quorum, but since Jax is on the ballot it would be nice if he were around to vote.
  • Bill says Gary from friends of the library says people have been asking about when the next repair cafe is.
  • Might be nice to have a sign on the library bulletin board with an e.g. QR code to the mailing list so those people can sign up and get notified.
  • Other bulletin boards around town could also be good.
  • Bill will draft up such a sign.
  • Talk some about how much funds we have and what we might do with it since we aren’t paying rent.
  • Bill asks if a laser cutter is too noisy or smelly to be in library space; should it be portable?
  • Emily says it isn’t good to be moving around, and should be somewhere that has fire suppression.
  • Plus the library will install a ventilation system.
  • The space is fairly insulated from the rest of the library with a closing door, so perhaps it will be sufficiently isolated.
  • Though perhaps there are other noise mitigation techniques one can employ.
  • Will try again with all people up for a board position present next week.

Meeting adjourned at 7:56pm